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06 October 2005

Why Texas wasn't looted..

and this is why...

Now I don't advocate violence, but I also don't advocate letting someone steal personal belongings without putting up a fight for it. Hopefully the sign will keep the honest people honest.

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Blogger MonicaR said...
That is a great picture! LOL! My husband and I are solid supporters of the 2nd amendment. I believe in protecting our family, home and possessions from those who have no respect for life or others possessions.

Don't Mess With Texas!!  

Blogger GaffaUK said...
Check this out...

Looks like Florida is one step ahead. Shoot first then ask questions!  

Blogger MonicaR said...
Gaffe - I have corrected your erroneous assertion in my response to you on my blog.  

Blogger Gina said...
Love it !!!!!! Yeaha !!  

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